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We only breed our female French Bulldogs a few times. Unlike dogs that can have their puppies naturally the number of c-sections a French Bulldog should have should be limited. Give or take around 4. We follow the advice of our vets who we have been working with for years and put a lot of trust and faith in.


If you are looking for an adult who has had a kind and warm family life, a retired adult would be perfect for you. 

Many people love the French Bulldog breed but can not afford the higher prices that puppies command. Getting a fairly young adult is a chance to experience why so many people love this breed. For any of our adults if they are not already will be spayed or neutered before or upon adoption and up to date on vaccinations. 



Drako is a 4 year old blue brindle male. He is full of character and very loving. Loves to hugs and rubs. He thinks he is still a puppy and likes to lay in your lap.

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